"The Global Economic and Political Conflicts” - přednáška prof. Jerryho Harrise (Chicago, USA)

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Katedra filosofie FP TUL pořádá přednášku Jerryho Harrise (Chicago, USA) "The Global Economic and Political Conflicts", která se uskuteční ve čtvrtek 5.11.2015 v 16:10 v učebně G312 (budova G, Univerzitní náměstí 1410/1) - 3. patro.

Anotace přednášky:
The main concern of the lecture is how changes in production and finance have affected the relations of production and the character of the capitalist class. Of course one can’t examine capital without examining labor. A starting point is to distinguish the multi-national economic system from the newly emerged transnational system. The prior capitalist world structure was firmly based in nation-centric economic relationships. The majority of assets, employment and sales of corporations were inside their country of origin. These monopolies competed with other national monopolies for world markets through exports and access to resources in the Third World. Changes in production and finance have created a new era in the world capitalist system. Fundamental aspects have stayed the same; the production of surplus value, the exploitation of labor, uneven development, competition, and so on. But the manner in which these unfold and are expressed take different forms. Fundamental to the current forms of expression has been the technological revolution in digital electronics, communication and transportation. Just as mercantile capitalism produced colonialism and industrial capitalism produced imperialism, information technology has given us globalization.