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The follow-up master's degree program is designed in accordance with the definition of Bioengineering, which is generally an engineering discipline based on knowledge of scientific disciplines. The study program educates students to solve bioengineering problems in the fields of production, development, and testing of new biomaterials that are designed and manufactured for interaction with biological systems. The study aims to provide a deep understanding of the professional issues, which will enable students in practice to utilize the knowledge and skills obtained, including the ethical context of modern bioengineering practices. We are offering opportunities for cooperation with foreign institutions during the study. You will study in a pleasant and modern environment of the Technical University of Liberec. You will have many opportunities to participate in events not only at the Bioengineering division of the Department of Chemistry, FP TUL. We are a workplace that gained nationwide renown during the corona crisis in the field of development, testing, and production of non-pharmaceutical protective equipment against respiratory diseases. If you are a student with the soul of an engineer, researcher, or scientist who likes new knowledge, join us, please!

The study program is charged following the TUL statute.

Do you want to be an engineer who knows the natural sciences?

Wanna to design preparation of biological and nanofibrous materials and test them for medical and biological applications?

Are you interested in the nature of production of these materials?

Gonna to study properties of macromolecules that form the basis of life?

Do you want to work in a Tissue engineering lab? 

We will teach you to value your education and to approach humbly the solution of bioengineering problems. You will appreciate our individual approach to students.

prof. RNDr. David Lukáš, CSc., guarantor of the study program

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  • Standard study time:
    2 years
  • Maximum study time:
    5 years
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Study programme guarantor

prof. RNDr. David Lukáš CSc.

KCH - Bioengineering

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Study Guide

M.Sc. Manikandan Sivan, Ph.D.

KCH - Bioengineering
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What will you learn?

Under the leadership of a well-established team of academicians who are at the same time passionate researchers, we will teach you how to design, manufacture and test biomaterials and how to look at their development and application with an insightful but critical view in accordance with ethical principles. By studying, you will gain valuable scientific and engineering education, as well as laboratory skills and experience for laboratory work in private companies or academic, scientific, and research institutions focused on materials research and development associated with applications in medicine. You will also be able to continue in the follow-up doctoral study and fully participate in scientific research projects and other activities of the Bioengineering Division of the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science-Humanities and Education, Technical University of Liberec. Last but not least, you will delve into the secrets of modern technology and laboratory tests. As part of laboratory exercises, for example, you will become experts in the field of tissue engineering. The study also includes advanced modern techniques for the creation of nanomaterials and molecular biology, including DNA isolation and its analysis by PCR or isolation of specific proteins.

For more info check our information system STAG.

Your future job positions?

Graduates of the follow-up master's degree program in bioengineering will work as production and operational engineers and technologists, employees of control laboratories and testing laboratories in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. In particular, they can be employed in research and academic workplaces dealing with the development of biomaterials and materials for medical devices, at the level of independent principal investigator heading a small team to conduct innovative research in any area of the life sciences. In particular, they are well prepared for application in materials research and management of modern operational technologies in various industries related to biological materials and materials intended for medical applications. Graduates are also widely employed in state health authorities (e.g., the State Institute for Drug Control, FDA, EMA, etc.). The possibilities of application are by no means limited to the Czech Republic or Europe.

Examples of employment of graduates of the follow-up study program bioengineering in the European Union countries are available at

We assume that graduates will also continue to study at doctoral study programs at the Technical University of Liberec or in a wide range of doctoral study programs in applied physics, chemistry, biology, and materials engineering at domestic foreign universities.

Entrance examination 2024/2025

Entrance exami: yes

Application deadline: until April 30, 2024.

Content and form of the entrance exam: a written test of professional knowledge related to the study program in English.

Detailed information on the admission procedure is posted on the official notice board.

Follow-up study programs at FP

The follow-up master's study program bioengineering is also intended as the preparation of the graduate for doctoral studies. In particular, these are doctoral study programs at the Technical University of Liberec: Applied Sciences in Engineering or Scientific Engineering, whose accreditation documents have been submitted for approval at the beginning of 2021. The graduate can also continue in a wide range of doctoral study programs in applied physics, chemistry, biology, and materials engineering at other domestic or foreign universities.